Нашими клиентами являются: Газпром, Северсталь,
Рособоронэкспорт, Сибур, Мечел, Касперский, Антонов...

Мы открыты к сотрудничеству с организаторами выставок,
туристическими агентствами, дизайнерскими бюро...

Мы имеем богатый опыт строительства стендов
любой сложности и размеров!

We have big experience of building stands
of any size and difficulty!

Our clients are Gazprom, Severstal,
Rosoboronexport, Sibur, Mechel, Kaspersky, Antonov...

We are interested in forming cooperative business relationships with the following types
of companies Exhibition Organizers, Travel Agencies, and Design Offices…


M.S.I. offers several different service packages for your exhibition needs M.S.I. The right solution for you will be based on your companies needs.

Package 1: Deluxe Package

If your company wants a presence that everyone visitor will remember then this is the package you need.


  • Rate from 100 Euros per square meter.
  • Custom Designed eye catching Exhibit Stall.


  • Showroom lighting
  • Custom designed and printed banners and signs.
  • Contemporary furniture.
  • Internal conference rooms
  • Kitchen with equipment such as espresso machine, microwave, refrigerator ect.
  • Daily cleaning service.

Package 2: Standard Package

If you need a basic stand with a small area or you are on a budget then this is the package for you.


  • From 50 Euros per square meter.
  • Custom design stand.
  • Essential furniture.
  • Printed flyer racks.
  • Daily cleaning.
  • Company banner.
  • More services available upon request.

Package 3: Community Stands

If you are coming to an exhibition and you don't have a budget for large stand, you might try a community stand where several companies combine their resources to have an economical yet attractive large area stand with separate areas for each company.


  • Rate 100 Euros per square meter.
  • Custom design.
  • Lights.
  • Community kitchen and equipment.
  • Furniture.
  • Communal conference room.
  • Daily cleaning service.